PLUM ISLAND, Mass. (WHDH) — People living along the Plum Island coast say their homes are being overtaken by the beach.

Flooding from the Merrimack River left Stan Sacks’ Reservation Terrace home unlivable. The foundation is destroyed and the inside is unrecognizable following Monday’s storm. Water and sand flowed underneath the walls and damaged furniture.

“It’s been a rollercoaster of hell,” said Sacks.

It was supposed to be a retirement home for he and his wife, but over the last few years, beach erosion and flooding from storms and high tides have taken their toll.

Sacks said temporary fixes along Reservation Terrace have done little to help.

“Everything they’ve done so far have all been bandaids that haven’t been close to being effective.”

Dozens of other homes in the area are also feeling the impact. Those who live in the area say the problems truly lie in the jetties and they would like the Army Corp of Engineers to fix them.

Lou Blatt told 7NEWS that many people living here believe a rock barrier needs to be extended further along the beach to protect more homes and the river also needs to be dredged.

“We need a plan to fix the jetty once and for all to protect the island,” he said.

Many say they fear that the next storm — or even just high tide — will take their homes.

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