Well, Pluto is getting all the attention today, and despite whether you think it's a planet or not, the images are pretty cool. I'm also drawn to the vast darkness on the edge of the solar system. How cool is that?

Um, just a few degrees above absolute zero on the Kelvin scale, to be exact.

Pretty chilly in my book.

Back on Earth – Southern New England to be exact – the mid afternoon turn in the wind boosted us to the low 80s in town today. Along with that, the muggy air swallowed most of the area with the help of a gentle southeast wind.That humid air fed a few small downpours this afternoon. While they had a hard time staying together today, they'll get a boost tomorrow from an approaching cold front. 

This is no ordinary midsummer cold front. This one means business. Almost chilly air is charging south out of Northern Quebec tonight. While we'll temper the chill with our sun and our mild ocean water, I'm not putting my money on any 80s in the next two days.

And that's saying something. Normal high these days is 83 – we are at the height of summer and I have 70s on the 7 day forecast! 

So is all lost for long term heat and humidity this summer? Not so, recall last year when we had an August-September combo with plenty of 90 degree weather. May follow the same trend this year – provided we get some things to move over the Lower 48 – but at least for now, it's 70s and 80s.


While we're on the subject of temperatures, there's conclusive proof in the data that summertime overnight lows have been getting warming in recent decades. Check out the graph to the right. It shows that summertime overnight lows in the Commonwealth have steadily risen 

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