Pokemon Go players advised to be careful while playing

BOSTON (WHDH) - A new mobile app has become one of the most popular downloads in app stores but users of “Pokemon Go” are being warned that they have to be careful while playing.

Based on the popular video game Pokemon, Pokemon Go is played on smartphones. Players search the area around them for the virtual Pokemon characters, then capture them. Areas in Boston like the Common have attracted many players over the past few days as they hunt for Pokemon.

Police departments around the country, including here in New England, have warned players that the game can easily become dangerous. In Northbridge, the police department posted on its Facebook page about some of the dangers inherent in the game.

Northbridge Police also said they have received several reports of people walking in the middle of the road while playing the game. Boston Police said they have not had to issue any warnings but in Medway, police posted on Facebook that they have gotten many calls about “suspicious” people wandering on private property.

Around the country, police in Missouri said three men lured players to a remote and robbed them. Out in Wyoming, a teen ended up finding a dead body floating in a river while she was looking to catch a water-based Pokemon.

“I have thought about people hiding out in some of the more popular locations and maybe doing something violent or dangerous,” said Joel Gardella.

Police said players should also never wander onto private property or play Pokemon Go while driving.

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