Two wanted fugitives hiding from police in the woods were forced to call 911 after it started snowing.

Police said the two fugitives, 32-year-old Derrick Dionno and 30-year-old Triston Crossland, jumped out of a car and ran into the woods near El Dorado National Forest. Dionno has four active warrants and Crossland is a parolee. Police said they found a gun in the car, along with three different types of drugs.

The suspects ran down a canyon and crossed over the south fork of the American River. Police called for them to surrender, as a winter storm was in the area, but the suspects ignored them. By nightfall, they finally called 911, begging to be arrested as they were cold and freezing.

The next morning, they were found by the SWAT team and were taken to an ambulance for treatment.

"I have never seen two people happier to go to jail," said Lt. Jim Byers of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office. "Because they knew they were going to be dry and warm."

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