Police arrest two men on drug charges after violent struggle in East Boston

Boston police arrested two men for alleged drug possession after a violent struggle in East Boston Saturday night.

According to police, officers saw two men in separate cars conduct a drug deal on surveillance cameras near the Maverick Landing housing developments shortly after 8:30 p.m.

As the first car exited the area, officers stopped the driver and recovered a plastic bag of crack cocaine. Officers arrested 26-year-old Joseph G. Maraio of East Boston and charged him with possession of Class B drugs.

Officers then attempted to stop the second car. When officers approached the car, the driver refused to show them his hands.

As police tried to arrest the driver, he pushed away violently and moved to the passenger side of the car to escape.

After chasing him on foot, officers eventually caught up to the suspect. 

During the struggle, the suspect continuously reached for his waistband. According to police, he was seen swallowing a white object.

Officers observed white residue that smelled like cocaine on the suspect’s lips, mouth and tongue. 

Police found $245 in cash and a spring loaded knife in the suspect’s pockets. When they searched his car, they found approximately $25,000 in cash, a large plastic bag containing what is believed to be marijuana, two digital scales, two cell phones, and 25 acid films.

Officers arrested the suspect, 35-year-old Mark Yarde of East Boston. Yarde was charged with distribution of Class B drugs, possession with intent to distribute Class B drugs, possession with intent to distribute Class D drugs, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and possession of a dangerous weapon.

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