Officials are warning the public of a dangerous batch of heroin in Fitchburg that is being blamed for causing 10 overdoses.

Fitchburg Police said within the last 36 hours, they have had 10 confirmed heroin overdoses. Three of those overdoses were fatal. Fitchburg Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Dateo Jr. said the batch appears to be a lot stronger than what people are used to and called the large amount of overdoses in a short amount of time "unusual."

Police said people who are addicted to heroin, and their families and friends, should be aware that heroin on the streets of Fitchburg this weekend could cause an overdose or death. Cody Akins said he has friends who are heroin addicts and he called them when he heard about the dangerous heroin, warning them not to get their drugs from Fitchburg.

"One of my friends, he didn’t take my advice and he ended up in the hospital a few days ago," said Akins.

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