Police: Drunken man struck pedestrian, drove with ‘mangled corpse’ in passenger seat before stopping at beer garden

(WHDH) — A drunken man who police say struck a pedestrian over the weekend reportedly drove around with a “mangled corpse” in his passenger seat before walking into a beer garden in Austin, Texas.

Officers responding to report of a pedestrian struck in the area of Menchaca Road around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday spoke with a number of witnesses who said they saw a white Ford Focus hit a person, launching their body into the air and through the windshield, according to an arrest report obtained by the Statesman newspaper.

The body of the pedestrian, who has not been identified, was found a half-mile down the road in Paul Garcia’s passenger seat, authorities said. The victim’s head and some body parts were reportedly detached.

Witnesses say Garcia calmly walked away from his wrecked vehicle and strolled into the South Austin Beer Garden wearing a blood-soaked shirt covered with debris that matched “blood and body tissue found coated in the interior of the vehicle,” the arrest report said.

Investigators stated in the report that body parts found scattered along the road, in addition to the lack of braking marks, were consistent with what witnesses reported seeing.

The 24-year-old suspect was reportedly speeding without his headlights on. The victim was said to be pushing a shopping cart prior to the crash.

Garcia is facing charges including driving while intoxicated, intoxication manslaughter, and accident involving injury.

He is being held at the Travis County Correctional Complex on $110,000 bond.


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