Police: Family vacation ends as son shoots father on I-75

PERRY, Ga. (AP) — The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says an Alabama family was driving back from a Florida vacation when a feud between a father and a son ended in homicide.

GBI Special Agent in Charge J.T. Rickerson told local media the family decided to leave their Orlando vacation early because of the fighting between the father, 40-year-old Daniel Lee Young, and son, 21-year-old Deontae Leqwan Young. There were eight people in the car, including three young children.

Shortly before midnight on Interstate 75, the father told his wife to pull over and he got out to hit his son. Rickerson said Deontae Young fired two shots at his father’s chest and he fell into the highway.

Deontae Young was charged with murder last week. A prosecutor will decide whether it was self-defense.

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