Police: Holliston HS bomb threat was misunderstanding over bong

HOLLISTON, MASS. (WHDH) - A bomb threat that prompted the closure of the Holliston High School parking lot Friday morning was the result of a misunderstanding after an anonymous caller called the police to report a bong in a student’s car, officials said.

After learning that police received an anonymous phone call Friday reporting a student with a “bomb” in their car, school officials ordered the Holliston High School parking lot cordoned off so the threat could be investigated, police said.

After determining who the caller was and locating the student responsible for the vehicle in question, police say they interviewed the caller, who “immediately, emphatically and convincingly” reported that they called to report a “bong” in the car — not a bomb.

A subsequent search of the student-suspect’s car confirmed the caller’s words were misunderstood, police said.

The parking lot has since reopened.


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