Hundreds of dead, injured animals found on Westport property

WESTPORT, Mass. (AP) – Police say officers have discovered hundreds of dead and injured animals, makeshift cabins, burning trash and illegal stoves on a 70-acre property in Massachusetts.

Police say Westport and Dartmouth officers searched a portion of the Westport land on Tuesday and found three goats that had to be euthanized, dead sheep and several other sick or injured farm animals in “deplorable conditions.”

Authorities say the investigation started last week after a man reported that his goats had been attacked by two Rottweilers. The dogs had been found in poor condition after escaping an “unsanitary enclosure.”

Police identified the owner but declined to say Tuesday whether he or anyone else will face criminal charges.

Police say a similar situation was found on the same property in 2010. Several people were criminally charged in that case.

The Animal Rescue League said seven dogs were surrendered by their owners to the ARL Boston and Westport Animal Control, two adult cats and two kittens were taken into custody and are at ARL Boston along with a pigeon and a Canada Goose, and three goats were euthanized. A trailer of pigs was also taken away after one of them was euthanized.

The area is now being considered a crime scene. No one answered the door at the home of the man who owns the land. Police said he is not cooperating with them.

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