Police in Houston, TX searching for four suspects in fatal drive-by shooting, carjacking

Police in Houston, Texas are searching for four suspects involved in a fatal drive-by shooting and carjacking that took place on Monday afternoon.

Surveillance video shows the four suspects driving their car towards two men standing in a front yard. The suspects began shooting and the two male victims tried running away.

Both victims were shot. 22-year-old Walter Fields was injured but survived. The other victim, 53-year-old Sam Johnson, was killed.

While the suspects were shooting, they drove their car into a drainage ditch, disabling their car. One suspect ran away by foot, while the other three suspects carjacked a woman and her 11-month-old niece.

Police were able to arrest the suspect who attempted to run away by foot.

Officials identified him as 27-year-old Mertroy Harris. Harris had previously been convicted for robbery, and is now being charged with murder.

Houston Police said they are continuing to search for the three other suspects.

The woman and her niece who were carjacked were uninjured. However, the woman said she is still shaken up

Police said the three missing suspects should be considered armed and dangerous.

This is an ongoing investigation. 

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