Police investigate after man drives into Cape Cod Canal

BOURNE, MA (WHDH) - A man was charged after police said he drove his car into the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne Tuesday.

Witnesses said the man scoped out the area then he drove his car into the canal. Just before 10:30 a.m., a driver allegedly went down Perry Avenue near an area called “Three Mile Look.” Witnesses said the man the got back into his car, hit the gas and went about 65 miles per hour onto the observation deck and over a bike path. Officials said the car fell 30 to 40 feet, hitting power lines as he landed.

Police said they believe the man’s actions were intentional. They are investigating whether it was a daredevil or even a suicide attempt.

The driver swam away from the wreck and was pulled from the water. He was taken to a hospital in Rhode Island to be treated for minor injuries.

The driver has been charged with operating to endanger, speeding and malicious destruction of property.

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