Police investigating after swastikas are found at high school in Reading

READING, MASS. (WHDH) - Police in Reading are investigating after a disturbing drawing was found at Reading Memorial High School.

Parents of RMHS students received a letter this week about an ongoing investigation into two swastika drawings that were found on the leg of a science lab bench on Friday.

Reading residents called the incident “disgusting” and are happy that police are taking the incident seriously.

“People breed hatred, you know, so you have to look at where it comes from,” said David McCarthy, a Reading resident. “If it’s in the school, must be a student, but that student goes home at night.”

The symbol of hate and anti-semitism was immediately reported to Reading police.

“To do something like that is no good at all; they should be arrested,” said Orazio Pappalardo, another Reading resident. “Everybody’s human. Respect everybody, no matter what your race, color, creed, whatever. Respect everybody.”

In the letter sent to parents, the principal said, “While this is an ongoing investigation, we are uncertain when the images were drawn because the graffiti was not in an obvious location. Unfortunately, we continue to have these graffiti-related incidents in our schools and in our community.”

School officials say there was not a written threat as part of the graffiti.

The principal will address the incident with students on Monday and ask students with any information to help them identify the person responsible.

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