Manchester, NH home evacuated after driver flees traffic stop, severs gas line in crash

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WHDH) - Police are investigating the circumstances that led to a crash in Manchester, New Hampshire early Tuesday morning.

Officials told 7News the crash was a result of a driver who fled a traffic stop in Goffstown. An officer said he saw a car with a passenger pointing a gun out the window at a gas station and stopped the car.

The passenger, Richard Philibert, 46, got out of the vehicle and was arrested on gun charges. But the driver of the car fled the scene with the gun still in the car. Police say they did not pursue the car.

The car then hit a sign and two trees before flipping and coming to a rest against the side of the three-family home.

The crash shook homes and ruptured a gas line near a home on Varney Street. The home, which filled with natural gas, was evacuated. Fire crews re-entered the home to rescue a dog and a cat from the house.

The eight occupants of the home were evacuated but were eventually able to return.

Firefighters poured water to disperse gas as a result of the ruptured line.

The driver was reportedly injured, but the extent of those injuries is not clear. Police are searching for the car’s owner as a ‘person of interest.’

One firefighter also suffered minor injuries after re-entering the home to search for the dog.

The scene is currently clear, but the cause is under investigation.



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