Police looking for clues after dog shot in N.H.

PLAISTOW, N.H. (WHDH) — Police in New Hampshire are looking for the person who shot and killed a family dog.

Jaycee, a shepherd mix, who was nearly 9-years-old and mostly blind, was found dead on Tuesday.

“It's devastating that someone could do something like that. She’s going to be missed by everybody, everybody loved her,” Maureen Mahoney, Jaycee’s owner, said.

Joe Curto had taken Jaycee to his father’s auto repair show every day when he went to work. He found Jaycee after she didn’t come back from an off-leash stroll near some railroad tracks.

“It wasn’t a mistake, it was done on purpose. She was her own person. She was cool,” Curto said.

Police believe Jaycee was killed instantly with a high powered weapon. The bullet struck the dog in her hind quarters and traveled through her body.

“The person that did it was real cruel and knew what they were doing,” Curto said.

Police have questioned neighbors who live near the tracks, they’be been compassionate as the Curtos grieve.

“We all have animals and they’re part of people’s families so we take it very seriously. Help us find who did this,” Plaistow police lieutenant William Baldwin said.

The Plaistow police can be reached at (603) 382-6816.