Police: Man robbed twice within minutes in Worcester

WORCESTER (WHDH) - Police said a man in Worcester was robbed and beaten and just minutes later, he was attacked and robbed again.

Police said the 41-year-old man was walking to his car on Mount Pleasant Street late Monday night when he was attacked and fell to the ground, getting knocked unconscious. Police said the person who attacked him took something from his pockets and fled.

Anthony Morale, whose mother witnessed the first attack from her second-floor window, called 911. A few minutes later, Morale said the man was robbed again.

“He was literally laying on the floor and then robbed again,” said Morale.

Police said this time, a group of people went through the unconscious man’s pockets and took his keys. They then allegedly used the keys to open his car and take several items. They left before police arrived on scene.

Police said the man suffered a severe head injury and was so disoriented, he was unable to explain what happened to him. He was taken to the hospital.

A finger print match from inside the victim’s motor vehicle was made belonged to Sheila Pagan-Ariyo, 25. Pagan-Ariyo was arrested Wednesday night and charged.

The incident remains under investigation.

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