Police: Manchester, NH man falls through ceiling during reported burglary attempt

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire arrested a man who they say was attempting to rob a pizza restaurant when he fell through the ceiling of the building.

According to police, a restaurant employee contacted authorities after hearing a strange noise from a locked office in the back of the Pizza Express restaurant on Saturday evening. The woman said a person came into the restaurant and immediately went into the bathroom, then heard a loud commotion.

The employee then went into the bathroom and found the man on the floor, covered in ceiling tiles. The man then ran out of the store.

A police officer was leaving the Manchester Police parking lot when he noticed a disturbance at the restaurant. After speaking with the employee, the officer saw a man running toward Lincoln Street through a grocery store parking lot.

The officer chased down the suspect and arrested him.

That suspect, Adriano Da Costa, 34 of Manchester, was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest.


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