DANVERS, MASS. (WHDH) - Danvers police have taken a group of accused thieves into custody after they were caught on camera trying to steal thousands of dollars worth of Canada Goose jackets.

The brazen theft occurred around 10:30 a.m. inside Giblees’ menswear store Thursday.

Surveillance cameras show the group walking in, snatching the jackets, and making a run for the door.

They allegedly tried to take more than a dozen coats worth about $16,000.

The thieves were confronted at the front door by several employees, who grabbed a majority of the jackets back.

Only one jacket was taken from the store and the group was eventually taken into custody in Lynn.

Alan Gibeley, the owner of the store, said he recently upgraded the security system following a recent rash of thefts.

“They were not being discreet. They were not trying to hide what they were doing. They were coming in to grab the Canada Goose coats and run out the door with them,” Gibeley said. “It’s happening in many department stores and they just get away with it. They run out and it’s not your typical staff that jumps in front of them and tries to prevent them from stealing.”

Gibeley said one of his staff members was injured during the altercation.

Over the last few years, the store has had about 45 Canada Goose Jackets stolen resulting in an almost $50,000 loss for the company.

From now on, the jackets will be kept in the back of the store. Those looking to try one on will have to ask an associate for assistance.

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