Police: Officer stopped driverless SUV heading toward kids

A Connecticut police officer grabbed onto a driverless SUV that had rolled into traffic and stopped it from potentially hitting a group of kids, authorities said.

Surveillance video posted online by news outlets shows Bridgeport School Resource Officer Carlos Carmo Jr. running toward the moving vehicle and using his body to slow and stop the car. A group of Harding High School school students were walking on the sidewalk near the path of the SUV.

There were two passengers in the car — one in the passenger seat and one in back — but no driver, when it somehow slipped out of park and rolled away, officials said. It had been parked on the street on a downward slope.

Carmo was treated at a hospital for minor injuries, authorities said. No other injuries were reported.

Mayor Joe Ganim said Carmo will be honored for his actions.

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