Police officers assist East Bridgewater woman on way to chemotherapy

EAST BRIDGEWATER, MA (WHDH) - East Bridgewater police officers stepped in to provide some roadside assistance to a woman whose car broke down as she was headed to a chemotherapy appointment.

June Nardi-Heidke was taking her daughter-in-law Amanda to a chemotherapy appointment in Boston when she got a flat tire on Route 18. Nardi-Heidke called AAA, who told her they could be there in two hours.

East Bridgewater Sgt. Tom Flint and Officer A.J. Voisine happened to be driving on Route 18 when they saw the women’s car on the side of the road.

“They were very concerned because they had an appointment in Boston for chemo, we were right on the edge of a blizzard coming, they had a two-hour delay for AAA, yeah, they were upset,” said Flint.

Voisine offered to change the tire for Nardi-Heidke and was assisted by Flint.

“He said, ‘I’ll do it,’ and I said, you are my hero,” said Nardi-Heidke. “And he is, he is.”

The officers said they have fixed flat tires for people before and they are glad in this instance it got some attention.

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