Police release DUI arrest video of new Patriots receiver Michael Floyd

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (WHDH) — Arizona police have released body camera footage of the drunk driving arrest of recently-signed Patriots wide receiver Michael Floyd.

Floyd, 27, was found asleep in the driver’s seat of his car at a stoplight in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 13, when Floyd was still signed to play for the Arizona Cardinals.

The football player was charged with driving under the influence after refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

In the video, officers bang on Floyd’s car window to wake him up and then order him to turn off the car.

Floyd is mostly compliant, but denied being caught asleep at the wheel. The arresting officer appears to not know who Floyd is until finding his identification. Police counted $666 in cash that the football player was carrying on him at the time of the arrest.

When asked if there was alcohol in the car or if he had drank while driving, Floyd replied, “Nothing to drink, no sir.” The results of Floyd’s blood test are pending.

The Cardinals released Floyd on Wednesday, and he signed with the Patriots the next day. Head coach Bill Belichick did not comment on Floyd’s arrest at a news conference Wednesday.

“He’s in an ongoing legal situation and I’m not going to comment on it,” said Belichick.

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