Police remind drivers to obey rules of road after scary crash in Chicopee intersection

CHICOPEE, MASS. (WHDH) - Police in one Massachusetts city are reminding drivers to obey the rules off the road after a pickup truck was struck in an intersection and flipped on its roof.

Video shared by the Chicopee Police Department shows a pickup truck pull out into an intersection and a speeding car plow into it.

Officials say no one was hurt, but they want motorists to be mindful of the basics while out on the roads.

“Just moments prior to this, a group of about 10 people walked right across the crosswalk where the truck ended up. But, I wanted to share this to show you, that in an instant, of not paying attention to the roads, signs, and surroundings, how quickly your day can go from an OK day, to a very, very bad day,” officer Michael Wilk said.

Wilk wants drivers to slow down, pay attention, and use care while behind the wheel of a “3,000lb weapon.”

“Trying to beat that light, or stop sign, or yield is not worth that possible outcome,” Wilk said.

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