Police search for suspects after shots fired at Revere carnival

REVERE, MA (WHDH) - Carnival chaos in Revere as sounds of gunfire sparked a stampede out of a movie theater parking lot.

When police got to the scene they found that only cars had been hit by the bullets.

The scene was outside of a Showcase Cinemas in Revere Sunday night.

Hundreds were running away from a crowded carnival on Squire Road.

Just before 9 p.m. shots were fired in the parking lot of a movie theater and next door to the rides.

“So we was inside,” said Wanda Austin, “we heard gunshots everyone going wild, running. People lost their shoes, pocketbooks everything.”

Austin and her family joined the confused crowds of people trying to get away from the area.

Meanwhile inside the movie theater, viewers said everyone started clearing out and everyone was screaming.

People like 16-year-old Marwayn Sayd was disappointed they had to clear out.

“The movie was so good,” said Sayd, “we wanted to watch it. But then everyone started clearing out.”

Police focused their investigation around three cars, all left damaged.

So far there are no known suspects or victims.


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