Police search for suspects in Lynn shooting near barbershop

Police are searching for two suspects after shots were fired outside a barbershop on Friday.

Investigators were on scene at the intersection of Hanover and Washington Streets. 

According to police, at least eight shots were fired. At least two people were firing at each other, but police say nobody was hurt.

Nobody inside the barbershop was hit. 

Police do not believe anyone was hurt, as they have asked nearby hospitals and have not found any victims. 

At least two people are believed to have run away following the incident.

Police are taking the incident seriously as it happened near an elderly housing complex and a school.

"We’re really concerned because there’s several there’s several schools in the area, time of day school was just getting out,"
said Lynn Police Lieutenant Rick Donnelly. "There’s an elderly complex right here with people constantly going in and out and that is a major concern. We’re treating this very seriously." 

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