Boston Police search for suspects in alleged Trump-supporter attack

BOSTON (WHDH) - Police are looking for a group of men who allegedly attacked a man outside a Boston bar because he supported Donald Trump.

Cameron Massie, 21, said he and his friends were having drinks at a bar near TD Garden just before 2 a.m. Saturday while they discussed the presidential election. Massie said as he was explaining what he liked about Trump and what he did not like about Hillary Clinton, a nearby group kept listening and butting in.

Massie said when he left the bar, things escalated.

“One of the guys that overheard started yelling at me I’m a racist, calling my mom names,” said Massie. “They said I took a wrong turn. ‘You know, you’re in Massachusetts.’”

Massie said he took a punch to the back of the head and then his face. His jacket arm was also almost torn off.

“I just got sucker punched, knocking me out completely and when I came to, there was six guys around me,” said Massie.

Massie said his friends managed to get the group to take off. He suffered a fractured eye socket, a broken nose and a busted lip. He told 7News he wants the police to find the people who attacked him.

“I think everyone should just get along. We’re a nation,” said Massie. “If you don’t like the president, come together as a people. I don’t think violence is the answer.”

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