Police search home in Connecticut of woman lost at sea

MIDDLETOWN, CT (WHDH/AP) — After a week lost at sea, Nathan Carman was found alive, floating in a raft.  But police are now searching the home of his mother, Linda Carman, who is believed to be dead.

Nathan Carman was named a suspect in his grandfather’s 2013 murder but no charges were ever filed against him.  Linda Carman’s former attorney, Gerald Klein, says she loved her son Nathan and often spoke about his struggles with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of Autism.

“I take her at her word,” Klein said, “that this was a non violent individual.”

Gerald Klein said he represented Carman in a 2001 assault case that happened at Mount Sinai Rehabilitation hospital in Hartford.  A then 17-year-old Nathan Carman was being evaluated in a psych ward.

Linda Carman and her wealthy father, John Chakalos, were arguing about money.  Klein says Chakalos had threatened to stop supporting Linda and Nathan after offering a job to Nathan’s father who did not immediately accept.  Clark Carman left his ex wife’s house tonight without commenting on these developments.

Klein says two years later, police questioned Linda Carman three times about the murder of her father at his home in Windsor.  She denied shooting him and agreed to take a polygraph.  According to Linda, she passed.

Nathan Carman was picked up by a freighter Sunday 100 miles off the Massachusetts coast after what he said was a week adrift that began when his 31-foot aluminum fishing boat inexplicably sank during a mother-and-son outing.

Coast Guard officials interviewed Carman, and police searched his home in Vermont as part of an investigation into the ill-fated trip. He has not been charged with anything.

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