Police searching for teen who allegedly stole Dorchester man’s scooter

A Dorchester man said he was attacked in his own driveway by a teenager that stole his scooter. 

The violent confrontation was caught on camera. 

The suspect is still on the run. 

Surveillance video shows the man pulling his scooter into his driveway as a stranger approaches him and yells at him, before pushing him over and taking off with his scooter. 

Aaron Breidenbaugh said a teenager, along with another man, had been behind him for a few miles as he made his way home from South Boston Wednesday afternoon. 

The two were on their own scooter and Breidenbaugh said he noticed them but didn’t pay much attention to them. 

Breidenbaugh is asking the teen to turn himself in. 

"I don’t want to see you head to jail for the rest of your life," he said. "And there’s still time to turn it around. And if you do that, maybe I won’t press charges on you."

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