Police to pot smokers: Stay off roads on 4/20, stock up on Cheetos

(WHDH) — Several law enforcement agencies are warning marijuana smokers to exercise caution on April 20 or face punishment.

With the “420” holiday rapidly approaching, police across the Midwest are making it clear that driving while high will not be tolerated.

“Hey potheads planning to toke up on 4/20, stay off the road. Stock up on Cheetos and Mt. Dew BEFORE you spark. Saturation patrols to find drugged drivers to occur,” police in Lawrence, Kansas, tweeted.

Police reminded the public that regardless whether a drug is legal or illegal, it’s still a serious crime to drive while impaired. Violators while be punished with a DUI charge if caught, police said.

“As a police department, we do not condone smoking reefer. Again, driving high is still DUI, and that ain’t no joke,” an official said.