Clinton urges against complacency come Election Day


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Hillary Clinton urged supporters in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania Tuesday to register to vote, saying she’s “not taking anybody anywhere for granted” in the race for the White House.

Speaking at a voter registration event in Philadelphia Tuesday, Clinton said the stakes “could not be higher” in the race against Republican Donald Trump, and she warned against complacency in the remaining months before Election Day.

Clinton said that the Olympics are an example of American achievement, arguing that Trump is offering a pessimistic view of the country.

“Team U.S.A. is showing the world what this country stands for,” Clinton told the boisterous crowd.

The Democratic nominee also offered a fresh attack on Trump’s economic proposals, saying he would give tax breaks to the wealthy. She argued that Trump’s family could save billions through his proposal to eliminate the estate tax.

Clinton said that money could go to other priorities, like hiring teachers.

Trump’s campaign has flailed in recent weeks as he struggles to stay on message and build a consistent case against Clinton, repeatedly roiling the White House race with provocative comments that have deeply frustrated many in his own party.

Even as polls show Clinton in the lead, she has faced lingering questions about her trustworthiness in the fallout of her use of a private email server as secretary of state and over her family’s sprawling foundation. Clinton has tried to make the case that working-class voters would fare better under her economic policies than Trump’s and that her opponent would inject danger into an already unstable world.

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