Hiller Instinct: Hillary Clinton’s DNC speech – no memorable moments

BOSTON (WHDH) - History! Herstory! Tonight was Hillary’s night. And she’s been waiting for it for a long time.

She glowed in the long applause that greeted her. Her speech was less personal and emotional than you might have expected, so there were no memorable moments when she broke through and connected with voters in a way she rarely does. She did talk about her family, and their values, but she seemed more determined to radiate strength and seriousness.

She made it obvious she would be a president of policy more than personality. And make no mistake, when she called the coming campaign “a moment of reckoning for America,” she was reminding voters that whatever they may think of her, she’s not Donald Trump.

The conventions are over, the primaries just memories. Their message is clear: There are two Americas–one red and one blue. And all they share is disdain for each other.

Tonight, we stand divided. And it’s hard to imagine how this election will unite us, no matter who wins.

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