Hiller Instinct: California Dreamin’

BOSTON (WHDH) - Bernie Sanders’ campaign is in a coffin, and losing California would be the final nail in it.

With Hillary Clinton already claiming enough delegates to win the Democratic Nomination, California is Sanders’ last chance to prove he deserves it more than she does.

“This is a campaign for the people, by the people,” says Bernie Sanders.

A Sanders loss in California lets Clinton close out the primaries with a little momentum, and shut him out. But Sanders won’t go quietly; he thinks the system is rigged–with party officials who automatically become super delegates at the convention, and can vote for anyone they choose. And most of them have chosen Hillary.

If enough of Sanders’ supporters agree with him, then the Democratic Convention in July could become a battleground, filled with protests and dueling news conferences about fairness and justice.

But, for Clinton, this is a night for celebration, not concern. She’s apparently survived an unexpectedly difficult campaign against an opponent who’s not even a Democrat. Now Clinton is one step closer, and just one step away, from the oval office. The dream of her life.

Awaiting Hillary is Donald Trump, ready and willing to repeat every negative detail of her life. And Hillary will counter-attack with anything that might help her get elected. Who’ll win? The one who has any reputation left on election day.

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