Hiller Instinct: Justice Ginsburg’s words threaten integrity of SCOTUS

Words matter…And, unfortunately for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her words matter so much that they threaten the integrity of the Supreme Court.

Because the Supreme Court has the final word on what government can and cannot do–what’s constitutional and what’s not.

So the court must be above any suspicion that it’s biased, and won’t decide cases fairly.

Thanks to Justice Ginsburg–from now on–we can all be suspicious, and no one can say we’re wrong to be,  as long as she’s on the court.

It doesn’t matter which candidate she criticized…All that matters is that she criticized one.

So Donald Trump was only half right when he said Justice Ginsburg should apologize to the court.

She should also apologize to the nation.

When the Supreme Court slides into personal political opinion, it loses the authority it gets from all Americans.

Justice Ginsburg’s apology today also makes me wonder if she’s actually sorry at all.

She calls her words “…ill advised”, as if someone suggested she say what she did, and that her words weren’t her own.

She says, “…in the future, I will be more circumspect.”

That sounds like she means what she said, but just won’t say it publicly again.

I know there are no rules regarding what Supreme Court justices may say, but you’d think the judges on the nation’s highest court wouldn’t have to be told.

By sharing her opinion, Justice Ginsburg weakened the Supreme Court’s foundation.

We want justice to be blind to partisan politics, and Justice Ginsburg isn’t.


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