Kaine says Trump’s view of America is elitist


WASHINGTON (AP) — Tim Kaine is suggesting that Donald Trump’s view of America is elitist.

Addressing a Democratic organizing event in Exeter, New Hampshire, on Thursday, the Democratic vice presidential nominee referred to Trump’s 2015 book “Crippled America.” It criticizes the direction of the country under Democratic leadership.

Kaine frequently blasts the book, saying it doesn’t strike the positive tone of “Stronger Together,” which he co-authored with running mate Hillary Clinton.

Kaine describes Trump as out-of-touch, saying the billionaire businessman’s philosophy is “a view out of the penthouse of a tall tower.” He continued: “I do not recognize this picture of our country. This is not who we are.”

Clinton herself has faced criticism for being elitist after suggesting half of Trump supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables.”

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