Trump, Union Leader feud grows as paper dropped from debate

Donald Trump continued his war of words with New Hampshire’s largest newspaper Monday, a day after he claimed credit for ABC’s decision to drop theRead More

Planned Parenthood backing Clinton in primary race

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Hillary Clinton receives several key endorsements for presidential campaign

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Donald Trump headquarters in Littleton targeted by vandals

Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters in Littleton was targeted by vandals.  Police made the disturbing discovery Saturday, and the clean-up effort began later that day.  TheRead More

Protesters interrupt Trump Vermont rally despite screening

A rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Vermont on Thursday was disrupted repeatedly by protesters despite attempts by Trump’s staff to screen theRead More

Senator Cruz chooses to ‘laugh off’ comments by Trump

Republican front-runner Donald Trump raised questions about rival Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run for president. In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump called Cruz’sRead More

GOP candidates call for end to stigma around drug addiction

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Smart or risky? Rubio can’t pick just 1 early voting state

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Rand Paul celebrates Festivus with “airing of grievances” on Twitter

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Trump denies using ‘vulgar’ language to mock Clinton

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday dismissed reports that he used vulgarity in describing Democrat Hillary Clinton’s primary loss to now-President Barack Obama inRead More