Trump accused of violating former U.S. embargo against Cuba

WASHINGTON (AP) - Donald Trump is denying a Newsweek report that he explored business opportunities in Cuba in the late 1990s, apparently in violation of the U.S. embargo.

Trump tells New Hampshire’s NH1 News he “never did business in Cuba.”

He adds: “No, I never did anything in Cuba. I never did a deal in Cuba.”

Newsweek reported Thursday that the work was done by a consulting firm called Seven Arrows on behalf of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. The magazine says Trump reimbursed the consulting firm for $68,000 of business expenses for its Cuba work — even though neither Trump nor the firm had sought a federal government waiver that would have allowed them to pursue such activities.

Trump is slamming Newsweek’s reporter, saying he has a “bad reputation.”

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