Trump makes no mention of sex accusations in Ohio

CINCINNATI, OH (AP) - Donald Trump made no mention of the sexual accusations that have rocked his campaign in his final rally on Thursday.

More than 10,000 people packed an arena in Cincinnati to cheer wildly for Trump and loudly boo the reporters covering the rally.

But while Trump devoted most of his morning rally in Florida to defending himself against the accusations and attacking the media that printed them, he didn’t discuss it during the evening rally in Ohio.

Several woman have come forward to claim Trump sexually assaulted them or made unwanted advances. The celebrity businessman has denied the accusations.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama says Republicans who are disavowing Donald Trump over his recent controversies about women don’t deserve any credit for distancing themselves.

He says they created Trump because they stood by while Republicans fed their base a “swamp of crazy” for years. Obama says Republicans knew better, but were silent because it was politically convenient.

Obama spoke at an annual dinner in Columbus benefiting Ohio Democrats. He’s working to saddle Republicans with Trump’s unpopularity even if they’ve withdrawn their support for the GOP nominee. Obama is holding up Ohio Sen. Rob Portman as an example. The Republican is running for re-election and recently renounced his support for Trump.

Obama says he’s more forgiving of Republicans who actually believe what people like Trump say than the ones who disagree but have said nothing for years.

Melania Trump says portions of a People Magazine story alleging a sexual assault by her husband are “false and completely fictionalized.” She is demanding a retraction and apology and threatening to sue the publication.

The story was a first-person account by Natasha Stoynoff of an interview she did with Donald and Melania Trump at their home in Mar-a-Lago. Stoynoff says that when Melania Trump left the room, her husband pushed Stoynoff against a wall and sexually assaulted her. The Republican presidential candidate says the account is untrue.

Lawyers for Mrs. Trump wrote that the article’s description of an encounter between Melania Trump and Stoynoff after the interview is “false and completely fictionalized.”

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