Popular Boston music venue will not re-open after coronavirus pandemic

After more than four decades of providing Boston residents with live entertainment, the Great Scott is closing for good.

On Friday, General Manager Tim Philbin took to Facebook and announced that, “with a heavy heart,” the music venue will not reopen after the coronavirus pandemic eventually comes to an end. He said that Great Scott has been able to provide entertainment and “more than a few beverages” to loyal patrons for 44 years.

Philbin went on to detail the bar’s history, saying it all started in 1976 when Great Scott replaced its predecessor, which was an establishment named Brandy’s.

From its inception and into the 1980s, the Great Scott became a local haven for Blues and Folk music performers, Philbin said. Then, when the 1990s came around, the local bar turned into a “beloved college dive,” featuring cover bands and DJ nights.

By the time the 2000s arrived, the Great Scott had emerged as “one of the best live music venues in the city,” he said.

He added that, through the decades, the venue has “meant many things to many people,” and that the business always aspired to be a “good neighbor to our community and a friend to all who walked through our doors.

The Facebook post where Philbin made the announcement has thousands of comments and shares of former customers reminiscing about some of their favorite nights at the Great Scott.

There is a sign that still hangs in the venue from the establishment that Great Scott replaced, Philbin said. The sign reads, “Where incredible friendships begin.”

“I’m glad we never took it down because it explains Great Scott better than I ever could,” Philbin said. “Take care of yourselves and each other.”