Post-Storm Calm Down

Wild predawn for many today. Thunder, screaming wind and downpours.

Then it was done. Sun busted through around 10am in Boston, and we were off to the races – peaking in the mid 70s in many spots.

While I think we may be done with the warm weather for a while, I can’t say we’re entirely done with the 70s for this season. Seeing as record highs are still in the 70s for almost the entire month of November, we still have a chance.

What leads me to believe that? Well, the pattern remains mostly mild into the first week of November, and we’ll reach back into the (upper) 60s early next week. The cold just doesn’t want to drop into the Lower 48 just yet, and without the slightest hint at anything bitter building in Northern Canada, the status quo remains: above normal temperatures.

In contrast, both tomorrow and Saturday look to be near or below normal. Total sun to finish the workweek, then some "creepy clouds" move in for Halloween afternoon. By nightfall, they should be covering the sky, BUT it remains dry and quiet. See the forecast on the right.

With the passing sprinkle (or three) on Sunday, another warm front will be passing through leading the way for a return to the 60s next week. Storms stay out of the picture and we settle in for some of the earliest sunsets of the year (4:30ish). Yikes!

Football season season rolls on too, so in the spirit of Patriots Nation: