Was you car thermometer on the money today? (Most often they run a little warm.) Check it with the high temps in the box to the right.

‘Course it felt a lot warmer in the direct sun. Just enough of it to boost us near 70 areawide. Now as the weekend kicks into high gear, the temperatures stumble a bit.

Before you hem and haw, this is more like a stutter step, and we only really fall back on Saturday. Cooler onshore winds will keep us hovering near 60 all afternoon tomorrow as the sun dominates. More clouds will scoot in on Sunday, and even a few showers could stray across Southern NH as they transit Northern New England. As a result, I’m reluctant to warm up the Merrimack Valley and Southern NH on Sunday, but elsewhere, we’ll “revisit” the low 70s around Greater Boston.

Throughout this warm forecast, we’re omitting the Cape in the discussion. It’s not intentional, but it’s not like the forecast is going to change much. No summer heat will visit the Cape/Islands, but it should warm a bit on Monday. Low clouds will form on Sunday and shroud the sun into Monday, and with the southwest wind dominating, the 50s are a lock. Fact of life along the coast in the spring. (Water temps near 40 don’t help much either.)

In other spring news, did you check out those pics from Lake Winnipesaukee? First one is from April 3rd, second is from today. Ice is vanishing quickly under that warm sun. Ice out? Got my money on middle of next week. Warmth first, then wind will finish the job.

Speaking of that wind, it should usher in some very cold air by the middle of next week, crushing the warmup and sending us below normal. There are rumors of snow, but I’m not biting yet. The model that is showing the snow (the darling of all long range forecasts, mind you) hasn’t been doing very well since mid winter. There are even some meteorologists who are mumbling that it may have lost its mojo. We’ll see how it plays out, but for now, it’s just colder and drier.

Have a great weekend!

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