NEWTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Sparkly makeup has sparked controversy in Newton as the Newton City Council weighs a proposal that would ban cosmetics made with plastic glitter. 

The proposal is part of an effort to protect the environment. Glitter is also not the only plastic product that could be on the chopping block. 

Speaking on Tuesday, those who love glitter shared their reactions. 

“I love glitter, I use glitter every day,” said Eden Cha.

In addition to glitter, the proposal would ban helium balloons, floss sticks and some types of takeout food containers. 

Alan Gordon is with the Newton Sustainable Materials Management Commission. He helped draft the ordinance with the goal of reducing the amount of single-use plastics throughout Newton. 

“The floss sticks, the small items — they are not going to significantly move the needle on the use of plastics, but it does get people to think about alternatives across the board,” he said. 

In terms of glittery makeup, Gordon said the product can actually be harmful to waterways.

“Eventually, hopefully you take a shower, take a bath and that just washes into the waste stream and gets into our rivers and our oceans eventually,” he said. 

Parents who find glitter annoying said this week that a ban could be a good thing. 

“I think it’s very messy and I would be very happy if it’s banned,” said Estelle Cohen. 

Some residents, though, said they will still find a way to get their hands on glitter if the proposed ordinance passes. 

“They’ll still sell it on Amazon and stuff,” Cha said. “It’s not gonna stop anything. We can still get it. That’s ridiculous.”

The possible ban on makeup with glitter and other products in Newton is still a proposal. The City Council could take it up in September.

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