VERNON, Connecticut (WFSB) — The Connecticut Pharmacist’s Association plans to speak on Tuesday about a proposal to improve access to contraceptives in the state.

The proposal would allow pharmacists to prescribe certain birth control products without first needing to see a doctor.

Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz planned to participate in the discussion on the topic at 10 a.m. in Vernon.

If the bill passes, it would expanded birth control access throughout Connecticut.

“Roughly 19 million women live in what’s called a contraception desert, which means they lack reasonable access to health care that offers a full range of contraceptive measures., said Janet Mattiucci, a CVS pharmacist.

Local politicians said access to birth control is a problem for many living in the state.

“It could be months before you get in and then many times they cancel and reschedule you because of staffing issues. So, why should we let a woman go without access to birth control during that time she can’t see a physician?” asked Sen. Heather Somers, a Republican who represents the state’s 18th District.

Legislation proposed by Sens. Ryan Fazio and Somers wouldn’t prevent doctors from writing birth control prescriptions themselves, but it would simplify the process for women to access the health care they need.

The proposal would also eliminate doctor appointment wait times and increase privacy for patients.

“There are some people who are just not comfortable having that conversation and to be able to come in here anonymously and say ‘hey, this what I want to do,’” said Christine Keenan of Groton.

Pharmacists would be required to have patients fill out a health questionnaire when they consider birth control.

“It’s common sense. It will provide women with more options, more access and reduced costs to birth control,” Fazio, a Republican who represents the state’s 36th District, said.

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