Prosecutor: Body of missing man found covered up inside Worcester home

WORCESTER (WHDH) - A man accused of moving a dead body and misleading police was arraigned Tuesday in Worcester District Court.

Police arrested 32-year-old Xavier Broughton Monday night after locating the body of a missing man inside his home on Valley Hill Drive.

Prosecutors said the body was that of Justin Ramos, who had been missing since early January.

“Investigators located Justin Ramos’ body in the rear of the home, in an enclosed porch. It was covered up with cardboard boxes and paper bags,” Assistant District Attorney John Melander said.

Prosecutors say Ramos was at Broughton’s house for a party on Jan. 7, but never made it home. After Ramos was reported missing, investigators say Broughton told them he didn’t no where Ramos went. Court documents say “the victim overdosed on heroin.”

“He panicked and he dragged him down the stairs by his legs through the hall to the back porch, where he left him,” Melander said.

A close friend of Ramos’ family says his death is heartbreaking.

“How can you not just feel for the family?” Sonia Suarez said. “He was a sweet, kind, loving person. He wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

Broughton is due back in court on Wednesday. He is charged with disinterment of a human body and misleading a police investigation.

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