BOSTON (WHDH) - Prosecutors have dropped several charges against Boston City Councilor Kendra Lara in connection with a crash in Jamaica Plain that left her son injured.

Lara entered West Roxbury District Court on Friday with nine charges against her for the crash that happened back on June 30, but left with six after the latest court proceedings.

The councilor had been accused of driving with a revoked license and speeding when she crashed her unregistered and uninsured car into a home on Centre Street, injuring her seven-year-old son, who was sitting in the backseat.

Lara’s attorney had since filed a motion to drop all charges against Lara.

“She had a choice,” said defense attorney Carl Williams. “She was like, ‘I can hit that person that just cut in front of me or I can hit those trees and those bushes over there. And she chose the latter, which I would say was actually a good idea.”

At the time, police said Lara was traveling at least 53 miles-per-hour in a 25 mile-per-hour zone when the crash happened.

But in court on Friday, the special counsel who is prosecuting the case said new evidence had come to light. Special counsel Joel Luna said the car’s electronic data recorder was examined, revealing Lara had been driving 27 miles-per-hour approximately five seconds before impact.

“Based on that information, your honor, we cannot meet our burden at trial on count 3: reckless operation and count 4: speeding,” Luna said.

As a result, charges of speeding, reckless operation of a motor vehicle and a seatbelt violation were dropped.

When asked if she thought her case was receiving any kind of special treatment given her status as a city councilor, Lara told reporters that if anything, the case had seemed to show the opposite, given the number of charges she faced.

“I think that for someone who is one, driving without a license and gets into a car accident – the amount of charges that I received is completely unheard of – to receive multiple criminal charges for getting into a car accident, trying to swerve to avoid hitting a vehicle who pulled out in front of me – it’s not something that you would typically see,” Lara said outside of the courthouse.

Following the loss of her preliminary election race back in September, Lara will be leaving office in January. She told 7NEWS that moving forward, she hopes her personal matters will remain private.

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