Prosecutors: Man accused of killing Jassy Correia sent woman flirty texts while body was in his condo

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WHDH) - (WHDH) — The Rhode Island man accused of kidnapping and killing a 23-year-old Lynn mother who he picked up from outside a Bar in Boston last February sent flirtatious text messages to a woman while her body was in his Providence condo unit, prosecutors allege.

In a recent court filing, prosecutors say Louis Coleman III’s text records show that hours after he kidnapped and strangled Jassy Correia, the mother of a 2-year-old girl, he texted a female club-goer who he interacted with earlier in the night on Feb. 23.

In the court filing, prosecutors detail the events that unfolded prior to Correia being found dead in the trunk of Coleman’s car in Delaware.

Authorities say that around 4:30 a.m. on Feb. 24, he entered the lobby of his building with Correia, who appeared to be either dead or unconscious and was naked from the waist up.

Coleman then dragged her to the elevator, and then, after reaching the sixth floor, he could be seen dragging her toward his condominium unit. Later that day, beginning around 3:51 p.m., he texted the woman he had met while her body was in his apartment.

The texts introduced as evidence read as follows:

Coleman: Yeah they (her brother and friend) had your back. Anyways bout to catch my flight back to Cali. Text you when I’m back in Massachusetts.

Woman: You live in Cali? But definitely hit me up and we can meet up.

Coleman: yeah sounds like a plan! (smiley emoji)

Woman: You didn’t answer my question lol

Coleman: I meant yeah I do. Thinking about moving to Stoughton tho

Woman: You were too good to be true lol of course I would meet a guy who doesn’t live here

In the filing, prosecutors wrote, “Texting a person one met at a club to set the stage for a future encounter while one has the dead or dying body of another young woman in one’s residence is anything but an ‘interaction typical between party goers.'”

Coleman pleaded not guilty to a kidnapping resulting in death charge on April 9, 2019. This charge carries the death penalty option.

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