Public Affairs Shows: Jewish Perspective

Jewish Perspective Airs Sunday at 7AM on Channel 7 -WHDH

Coming up on this week’s episode of Jewish Perspective, host Rabbi Zecher will sit down with Anat Hoffman as she brings her prophetic voice and warrior spirit when talking about her beloved Israel. With an extensive career, Anat has been a city councilor in Jerusalem for 14 years, is the head of the Israel Religious Action Center, and has dedicated her career to Tikkun Olam. She has been both arrested and applauded while pushing for women’s rights, and she will share her thoughts with host Rabbi Zecher regarding her journey.

In the next segment, host Rabbi Zecher will continue her conversation with Anat Hoffman with more ideas on supporting Israeli movements for justice. Anat will speak about how to make change and take action for a prosperous community. She will mention her motivations, as well as how the Jewish population in America and elsewhere can join the movement.

On the final segment, host Rabbi Zecher will conclude the show with her final thoughts. She will discuss the individual power of a person’s voice. She believes it is important not to hold back, and speak for justice and righteousness.