Public Affairs Shows: Asian Focus

Asian Focus Airs Sunday at 7AM on Channel 7 -WHDH

Coming up on this week’s episode of Asian Focus, host Mary Sit will begin the program by interviewing Theresa Freeman, Director of Communications for the American Cancer Society New England, and Julia Small, an advocacy volunteer for the American Cancer Society. They will discuss the work of the American Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society’s annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.

On the second segment of Asian Focus, host Mary Sit will sit down with Courtney Pong, Owner and General Manager of CSz Boston. Courtney will have a conversation with host Mary Sit about her experience for Fortune 500 companies and how she has been a performer and educator with CSz Boston since 2001.

On the final segment, host Mary Sit will talk to Lilian Hung of Lyra Vega, a website that sells made-to-measure high quality dresses that won’t cost you a fortune. They will discuss Lyra Vega and how Lilian built her business and why.