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10/17/2021: On the October 17th episode of Jewish Perspective, host Rabbi Zecher sat down with Jeremy Burton, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston. Jeremy constantly meets at vigils and services to help people heal after terrible crimes. Jeremy talked about the origin of these crimes, and how they often begin with friction between groups who dislike each other. Jeremy also discussed how to encourage building relationships in a toxic world, as he has worked tirelessly through his career to help others build relationships.

10/17/2021: In one segment, host Rabbi Zecher continued her conversation of understanding “the other,” by inviting Robert Trestan, Regional Director of Anti-Defamation League of New England, and Danika Manso-Brown, an ADL educator, to the show. Robert and Danika discussed the work conducted by the ADL to help build bridges of understanding between individuals, as well as anti-bias work conducted in the schools of Boston.

10/17/2021: On the final segment of Jewish Perspective, host Rabbi Zecher concluded the show with her final thoughts on all the topics that were discussed on the show. 

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