FALMOUTH, MASS. (WHDH) - A local dog has attracted quite a bit of attention in recent days due to a unique birthmark that closely resembles Cape Cod. 

Chowdah is a 7-day-old Australian Shepherd puppy. Garret Bentley, from Falmouth, recently started breeding dogs and said the mark on the second largest pup of the recent litter is uncanny. 

“I’m sitting there with my sister and she was just looking at the black one in particular and she was like ‘Oh my God! That looks like Cape Cod,’” he said. 

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re right, it actually does,’” he continued. 

Given the unique design, Bentley said the family knew they had to come up with a clever name. 

“Everybody was throwing out names in the comments and, obviously it has Cape Cod on the back, we’ve got to give it a Cape Cod-themed name,” he said. 

Bentley said his mother posted a picture of Chowdah on social media and he was an instant hit. 

So far, he said hundreds of people have reached out about adopting the puppy. 

Speaking this week, though, Bentley said he can’t be sure the iconic design will last forever. 

“My oldest dog, Atticus, he had a little bit of a change, but not much,” he said.

He said another dog, Aspen, kept her coat. 

“But it’s definitely something that could happen,” Bentley said. “That’s what I’ve been telling people as well — You can’t guarantee that it will stay the emblem forever. As he gets older, it might slightly change.”

As of Monday, Bentley said he had not decided whether he’s going to keep Chowdah or not. He has put a hold on taking applications but said making sure the puppy has the best home is what’s most important.

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