Queen Elizabeth II was known for her unique sense of style. Her unforgettable hats and colorful outfits became a well-known part of her public appearances. And after 70 years as Monarch, the Queen’s choices have influenced Britain’s fashion industry.

“I think her clothes were amazing,” said one admirer of the Queen’s fashion sense.

Her colors were bold; her hats were elegant; her jewelry, simple, yet extravagant.

One mourner in London saying “I’m just looking for every detail and she always got it right, always looked stunning, didn’t she?”

Queen Elizabeth’s classy, polished, trademark image made it easy to pick her out of a crowd.

One woman 7News spoke with in London says she once worked at a couture that fitted the Queen.

“After the fitting I would stitch the bits – I was quite young then – so I would stitch the linings and I’d get bits of less importance,” she says. “It was good, it was good.”

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour reflected on sitting next to the Queen at a British designer’s runway show in 2018. Wintour’s statement reveals Queen Elizabeth once hit the catwalk herself, writing:

“She was so delighted to be there, telling me how she had appeared in a fashion show long before she became Queen. She said it with joy and humor that bounded around the room…”

In her own way, Queen Elizabeth was quite the fashion queen, as well.

The British Fashion Council says there will be a citywide celebration in London in October to honor the Queen’s impact on creativity and design.

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