The Quincy Police Department was able to help the family of a sick child by showing them that Boston has more to offer than hospitals.

Quincy police shared a heartwarming story on Facebook about how they were able to help when Jen Lawless met the Anderson family and their sick child last month.

The Anderson family is from Indiana but fly out to Boston for Caleb to receive treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“We started talking & Caleb actually receives an infusion treatment,” the post read. “So every 3-4 weeks they have to fly out here for the kids to go to Children’s & Caleb to get his infusion.”

Caleb’s mom, Sue, asked Lawless about things to do around town that didn’t cost a lot of money, due to expenses they have for travel and co-pays for treatment, since she wanted her kids to have fun and not just think of Boston as hospital visits.

Lawless was able to get the Anderson family a boat ride after calling Lt. Bob Gillan of the Marine unit.

On the boat, Caleb told Gillian that when he grew up he wanted to be a K9 Officer.

Gillian was able to call Officer Kent Yee so Caleb could meet his K9 after the boat ride.

The next time the Anderson’s were in Boston, Yee met up with them again with his new dog.

Yee was able to show the Anderson’s some of the training exercises they do with the K9 dogs and let Caleb try as well.

The Anderson family says how much they appreciate their kindness.

Quincy Police says, “we are glad we were able to help them forget the stress of hospital visits, if only for a short time. Wishing them the very best.”


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