Quoth The Raven: Got Hand Warmers?

Burst of snow this morning was swift and (briefly) intense. Dropped its wares and bolted by late morning and early afternoon. Nice tidy weather system.

Behind this, another shot of cold air – but it’s not what you think. This time around, we’re settling back to “plain” winter cold. Highs in the 20s, lows in the teens and single digits. I’m liking the Pats’ chances just due to the cold factor. We play like Spartans in midwinter, so let the cold penetrate and subdue.

Tons of sun this weekend. Sunday has a few clouds increasing, but we’re holding back the next storm threat until Monday. Even though you don’t want to talk about this before you head home for the weekend, it needs addressing.

I’m seeing a glancing shot with a weak, passing storm. Temperatures will be marginal for snow with some light rain expected on the Cape/Islands. Those details alone should hint at what I’m thinking: where it snows, expect light accumulations (1-3 or 2-4), where it rains, well, it rains. This is a slow-moving storm too, so expect it to take up your entire Monday from start to finish.

Moderation is expected throughout the entire extended range forecast (7-10 days). No big storms seem to want to take a swing at us either. We’re wary, but with arctic air leaving the scene, I’m not fretting.

Have a great weekend and…

Gooooooooooooooo Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!