Rabbit Rabbit

New month, new pattern. Yes, we are dealing with a healthy shot of rain early this morning with most cities/towns picking up close to an inch of rain with this storm. This storm is helping to shuffle the cards in the atmosphere by dislodging the cold, ocean air from New England. In fact, if you are reading this blog around 12pm the cool air has already left!

Rain should also be mainly out of here by mid morning. I don’t think we are completely dry though as there will still be a scattering of showers for much of the afternoon but that sun will poke through those clouds at times. Despite the limited sun, temps easily reach the upper 60s this afternoon (even some humidity too!) Both of those Red Sox games will get played today–the afternoon game runs the risk of some scattered showers though.

Friday is a dandy with a mix of sun & clouds and temps heading into the mid & upper 60s–even at the coast! The weekend picks up where Friday left off–a mix of sun & clouds and afternoon temps reaching the mid 60s. Sunday will have some issues. A cool front drops in from New York/Vermont by early afternoon and that will spark a scattering of showers & t-storms for much of us. Again, the operative word being scattered (not widespread).

Enjoy your Thursday–and May!